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If you've had one disappointing or downright devastating relationship after another ...

If you dream of financial partnership,

someone to share your dreams with, 

and a sizzling sex life ...

If you seem continually attracted

to partners who let you down ...

I can help you:

 Reverse-Engineer your Love Life

with Deeper Dating®

and relax into the Love you deserve

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Prissy Barbour

Deeper Dating®

Mentor & Coach

Young couple in love hug each other on t

By exploring the beauty of

Deeper Dating®

you can have what they're having ...


Using the Deeper Dating®

program, you'll discover:

- How your greatest insecurities

      reveal your greatest gifts

- How to lead with your real self

      and feel good about it

- How to heal from past heartbreaks

- How to tell if your date is a keeper

- How to connect intimacy and                 

      sexuality in a healthy way

- How to build self-compassion

      using the Inner Mentor™ process

Prissy will also include:

- How to break the cycle of fighting or misunderstanding    

      (Using NVC / Non-Violent Communication in intimacy)

- How to develop your Gender Essence to create polarity

      (Feel the benefits in the bedroom!)

- How to use your own body to develop your intuition

      (It's a goldmine for emotional & sexual connection with your

       partner and yourself)

- How to build trust - in your relationships and in yourself

- How to get clear on what you really want & need

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