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8-Week Group Workshop

starting July 11, 2023

Tuesdays at 5pm PDT (8pm EDT)

Max 8 students, so ENROLL NOW to reserve your spot

Schedule a coaching session with Prissy today!

Email for more info:


This is Prissy -

Your new

Dating & Relating Coach!

Individual Consultations
get started this week

• I will help you get the most out of your Deeper Dating exercises.

         • I can help you with confidential coaching & support starting NOW!

    • YOU can benefit from individualized help from Prissy.

          • I can help you start relaxing into your own skin from your first session.

    • Enroll in the upcoming group - start your private coaching this week.

          • I can offer you a reduced rate for a package of multiple sessions.

Important note: These group and individual sessions are not psychotherapy and are not to replace any medical treatment or psychotherapy. These sessions are considered coaching and of an educational/inspirational nature.

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